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Flexible and fast to launch, get a powerful multi-vendor accommodation marketplace that is personalized to you. Everything you need to launch - and grow

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Best Accommodation Marketplace Platform
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Your beautiful multi-vendor accommodation marketplace

Let travelers book accommodation with your partners. Start selling online now.

  • Pick from one of our beautiful travel themes or bring your own. We'll work with your designers to get it online.
  • With lightning-quick search, travelers can type to search accommodations or use flexible filtering options.
  • Our advanced website Content Management System (CMS) lets you update and add new content.

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Sell accommodation from multiple suppliers, all in one

Guests want to book accommodation from different suppliers, so let's make it easy.

  • Our all-in-one accommodation marketplace platform lets you sell accommodation easily.
  • Let travelers book stays with different accommodations and add extras during the checkout.
  • Encourage repeat business and nurture loyalty with promotions and marketing coupons.

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Accommodation supplier self-onboarding, easily done

Your extranet is powered by our accommodation property management system (PMS) so you can streamline your accommodation management.

  • Accommodation hosts can on-board themselves and their properties and manage their bookings, guests and payments, all from your extranet.
  • You'll have review and editing rights so you can publish hotels on your marketplace when ready.
  • Advanced reporting and insights will keep you and your partners informed. Monitor metrics like RevPar, occupancy rates and guest demographic stats.

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Easy trip management for travelers

Put your guests in control of their trips, with a portal that lets them manage their bookings.

  • Guest/host messaging lets them communicate to confirm details and share updates.
  • Guests can purchase extra add-ons after their initial booking.
  • Guests can manage their payments and you can enable flexible payment options such as deposits and final payment collection ahead of check-in.

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Get paid online and pay accommodations, hassle-free

We're partnered with the world's leading payment gateways so that you can get paid online.

  • Offer a mobile-friendly checkout with Book Now buttons, Enquiry forms.
  • Take deposits, payments in advance and enforce terms to minimize loss from last-minute cancellations.
  • Automate the collection of your commission and customize how and when you pay your accommodation hosts.

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Everything you need to launch your accommodation marketplace

You don't need a thousand days to build software, an army of developers to support it, or millions of $ to run it.

  • More than a platform, we're a partner. A dedicated account manager will provide upfront advice on how to build your hotel marketplace and ongoing support.
  • We're built on Amazon and designed for high volume businesses everywhere and travelers from anywhere.
  • You'll get a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will guarantee uptime, issue resolution and data security.

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    Flexible and fast to launch, get a powerful multi-vendor accommodation marketplace that is personalized to you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a multi vendor Accommodation marketplace platform work? cross interface icon

    With Tashi, you get get a powerful, feature-rich technology platform that you can use to sell rooms from multiple Accommodations in one system.

    We're experts in Accommodation marketplaces and built Tashi's innovative Property Management System and Tour Booking Software.

    Your Accommodation suppliers will get their own account on Tashi to manage their products, bookings, guests and payments. And you can manage them all from your Supplier Dashboard.

    With our no code Accommodation marketplace software platform you can add and manage the content on your Accommodation marketplace, along with your bookings, guests and payments.

    When it comes to building an Accommodation marketplace, there are 3 big things you need to think about:

    1. How to get Customers
    2. How to get and to manage your Accommodations
    3. How to connect them (the tech)

    The most important element of this is ‘How to get Customers.’

    Surprisingly not everyone gets this! They spend a lot of their time worrying about how to get suppliers and what tech to use.

    But, if you have customers, you’ll have no problem getting Accommodations onboard - we guarantee it! What you need is a way to automate supplier management and communications to save admin time.

    And with regards to the tech, every minute you spend worrying about the tech is a minute you’re not selling.

    For an Accommodation Marketplace, while the tech is important, it will not be the reason you succeed! Outsource it to an expert (like us!) so that you have more time to spend on your Unique Selling Point - your suppliers and your brand.

    You’ll succeed because of your sales, marketing, brand distribution channels etc. Let us handle the rest 😃.

    With Tashi's Accommodation Marketplace platform, you can white label our Property Management System and Tour Booking Software platform.

    This means that each supplier for your Accommodation marketplace will get their own account on Tashi, but our system will be branded to your business.

    It will display your logo, fonts, colors etc. so that it's clear to your suppliers that they're working with you.

    Tashi's platform is an all in one hospitality and booking management system so it has all of the features required for your Accommodation operators to onboard themselves, publish their rooms and manage their availability and bookings.

    If you'd like to see how your marketplace supplier extranet looks and works, sign up for a Live Demo. We'd be happy to show you!

    You've got two choices. Firstly, you can choose to receive all payments directly to you by using one of our Integrated Online Payment Gateways and then you can manually transfer the required funds to each accommodation as appropriate.

    Or, you can use our Stripe Marketplace integration to collect the funds and then automate your accommodation partner payments and the collection of your sales commission.

    There are pros and cons for each approach for your Accommodation Marketplace, so Talk to Us, and we can advise which option we think is best for you.

    Tashi has an integrated Accommodation Channel Manager that will enable your Accommodation marketplace suppliers to sync their availability and rates across all of their online sales channels.

    Sign up for a Free Live Demo to learn how this works. After your demo, you'll also get access to our example multi vendor Accommodation marketplace so that you can explore the system for yourself.

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