Choosing The Best Name For A Tour Operator Business

Choosing The Best Name For A Tour Operator Business

March 11, 2020
Choosing The Best Name For A Tour Operator Business

Choosing The Best Name For A Tour Operator Business

Finding a new name for tour and travel company can be very tricky. You want a name that’s exciting, easy to use but which also turns heads and brings in conversions. That can be very hard to find, especially since there’s a lot of competition.

Which is why you really need to take your time with this and actively focus on creating a name that really stands out. You shouldn’t rush the name creation experience. This is extremely important and it does come with some major things to think about as you go along. It will be worth it if you stick to creative tour operator names, so here are some ways to make that happen.

  1. Set your Unique Selling Points

A good way to find holiday company names is to set the unique selling points. Once you have those selling points ready to go, it will be easier to showcase what you are selling and the return can be huge if you do it correctly.

Use that as an advantage, take your time with it and the experience will be among some of the best every time when done right. Sharing your selling points in the company name is worth it. But since you want to avoid having a very long company name, put the major selling point in there.

That’s why you want a complete list, to ensure that you share the right idea.

2. Evaluate your business’ operations

There are many types of tour operator businesses. And you can obviously use a plethora of different travel business names out there, as you’ll probably come across endless lists of ideas. You really need to understand the situation and actively find a way to make things simpler and more convenient.

Doing a little research to find out in which category your business fits in will be totally worth the effort. Once you do that, the experience will shine and that’s what matters the most. Decide the type of operator you are, as this will end up pushing you towards one region or the other. But it will help a lot as you try to make the right decision.

3. Think of brand identity

Brand identity always plays a major factor when it comes to what tour operator names you want to focus on. The idea is to center your attention on convenience and actively find a way to make this work for you.

Adaptability and focus are key here, and as long as you know how to manage and handle everything you will be fine. Think about how you want people to perceive your business, and then adapt to that.

4. Use relevant words

What you need to do here is you need to find keywords for your industry. You will also have a website, and if you have a keyword in the name you will be easier to find. The trick here is to stick to your niche and also consider the location of your tours and the type of activities that you are offering.

That really helps immensely and it brings in front some of the nicer and more interesting features that you will enjoy. Every tiny detail matters and the more you think about it, the better it will be. Consider the tour location, the type of tours you want to offer, and what niche you want: these should be great keyword ideas.

5. Consider business growth

Some would go for a trendy name, but the reality is that trends change all the time. Remember that your business will expand in the future, so you want the name to be adapted to that the best way that you can.

It will be a great opportunity and something that you will enjoy all the same. Business growth is crucial, and you have to prepare for it otherwise there are bound to be problems. The potential of future expansion of your current small business is huge, so your company’s name should adapt to a wider market.

6. Find your rivals

It’s a good idea to check on your competitors and see what they are doing. Sometimes it makes sense to check on the competition to see how they are adapting to this.

Starting is simple, and there are different approaches that you could take. First, you could google your potential business name to analyze the results that come up. Keep in mind that your goal is to take the number #1 position for this keyword, so if another well-known site is already placing there, then you might need to reconsider.

Additionally, you could list your direct competitors. This simple yet important step is crucial for you to find out how your business will stand out from the crowd. That being said, your business name should be different from theirs, ideally, there should be no similarities.

Most importantly, if you want your domain name to be the same as your business name, you should also quickly check this online.

7. Start brainstorming names

Write down a couple of names and see which ones work for you. Brainstorming is all about trying to come up with names that you will enjoy, and that, of course, speak for your brand wonderfully. A simple spreadsheet or will be of great help during this step, as you could write as many names you can think of, and then go through it to shortlist the ones that meet the essential requirements.

Pro-tip: Build a checklist that includes the major elements that your business name should include as columns. That way, you can quickly review each idea and rule out the names that do not meet your criteria.

Sometimes finding the best travel company names can be tricky and difficult, but you need to have patience and focus, then you will be fine. Focus on great results and on a good experience, then the payoff can be huge if you do everything right as you go alone.

8. Keep it simple yet unique

Since you have a travel business, you want the name to be iconic but not too complex. Walking a fine line between these things might be a bit challenging. But it all comes down to keeping the name unique and not overly complicated.

If you complicate it then there will be problems, and you want to avoid that. Some businesses might adopt a mysterious name with the hopes of attracting more clients. However, doing this could make your company give the wrong impression, remember the golden rule here: Stick to your niche!

Get creative!

As you can see, finding the best tour operator names is all about trying and coming up with new ways to find a name that sticks. Once you do have a list of names, make sure that you test it out with your friends or close people.

Asking for some preliminary feedback helps a lot! And that’s exactly what really matters in a situation like this. You want to push the boundaries and find a way to make this work, as it’s imperative for you to start a travel business on the right path.

Of course, you need to be open to constructive criticism and find a way to make the process better and more convenient. Even if it feels like a challenge, take it and the payoff will shine.

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