3 Things Your Hotel Management System Needs

3 Things Your Hotel Management System Needs

August 6, 2015

Today, even the smallest run hotels have a hotel management system in place to meet each task of managing their hotel. In order to compete on a large scale, a hotel needs an efficient system to be effective.

Management systems, once exclusive to large scale hotel chains, have been adapted to accommodate the needs of smaller hotels. But with so many options available, you need to consider these three basic aspects when deciding to implement or change systems.

1. Simplicity

The system with all the bells and whistles available might seem like the number one choice. However, remember the system should be simple enough to understand that anyone can use it efficiently. The system will only be as useful as to how well the user is able to navigate it. How much benefit will a complex system bring if no one is able to use it?

The design should be attractive and user friendly. Your staff should be able to understand how to use the program smoothly. An added bonus would be a system that allows for training visuals or guides that are easy to use. The system configuration should also be simple and fast, without taking much time.

With Tashi you can configure the system in less than five minutes by yourself. Moreover, by registering you can expect a brief tour that guides you through the major steps you must take to set up and use your system easily and intuitively.

2. Flexibility

Not every hotel is alike. There are different room types, cleaning services, guest types, etc. The system must be able to adapt to the characteristics and peculiarities of each hotel. Can the system integrate all the bookings made through your booking engine or Channel Manager automatically?

With Tashi you'll have a system to suit your hotel according to your needs. You can automatically synchronize reserves generated in online sites in an attractive calendar automatically.

3. Accessibility

Small and independent business owners might need to access hotel information at any time. Whether you are in the office or on the road, you should be able to access all activity within your hotel.

Tashi provides immediate access that is crucial for administrators and/or owners. As long as you have access to the internet, even from a smartphone, you have access to all information for your review.

These are all the benefits of Tashi, an online system designed especially for small and independent hotels. Simple and easy to use, but with different options that allow you to manage your hotel based on your needs. This system allows for task management, process automation, planning, housekeeping, invoicing, reports, and automated marketing.

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