Sell your experiences on GetLocal Africa with Tashi

Sell your experiences on GetLocal Africa with Tashi

April 2, 2020
Sell your experiences on GetLocal Africa with Tashi

What is GetLocal Africa?

GetLocal Africa is an OTA specialized in tourist trips in South Africa. Their priority is to work under the premise of travelers guided by local people. Besides having lived in Africa for many years, locals should also be knowledgeable of the places that they share information about, as well as promote the culture of the region.

The main objective they set for partners that reach out is to promote local tourism, as they promote the preservation of the African culture through trained personnel. Some of their partners have over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry.

In this manner, they put emphasis on the knowledge of their partners, which have explored many African countries and an infinity of cities but also save their passion to work locally. Their promise to travelers is a first-rate experience in the hundreds of activities and attractions in their marketplace, assuring an unforgettable experience.

Why sell on GetLocal Africa?

They represent an excellent opportunity to develop the concepts of ecological tourism and global quality. GetLocal Africa offers tour operators the opportunity to sell tourism packages in a joint way with their advanced technical design. They have a huge potential based on sustainable activities providing economic growth in a massive way. Here are the advantages of becoming a part of this African OTA:

  1. Prove your expertise as a local: Besides adding your tours to their platform you can create your very own listing as a local and give insider tips and great advice to the travelers that need it. This feature allows you to connect with travelers that share the same interests that you do. To get started, you can sign up, recommend your favourites and then get paid from the products that get sold through your listing.
  2. Multi-lingual & multi-currency: International customers can choose their language of choice. This could be a challenging step for your business. However, Getlocal Africa makes it easy to overcome it. On top of that, the multi-currency support allows shoppers to pay for your tours and experiences to use the currency that they are comfortable using.
  3. High conversion rates: With a shopping basket and a simple checkout customers have a smooth purchasing experience. They offer a customized checkout process designed to allow customers to use their preferred payments methods easily, safely and seamlessly. This booking process has been perfected through test and trial, and current partners benefit from higher conversion rates.
  4. Traffic boost: Features like their “save for later” option allows registered and unregistered users to save your product and come back to them later. This gives customers the time they need to do some browsing and research your business to build trust, as well as send your products to their friends through simple link sharing.
  5. SSL secure payment gateway: The booking process is using SSL encryption technology, which keeps your client's payment details private. Nowadays, this is an essential certificate for their payment gateway as it improves customer support and can also help increase conversions.

    Things to remember about GetLocal Africa

    The process to join this platform is fairly simple. Tour operators only have to fill out a short contact form and send an email. An alternative application method is to call directly Getlocal Africa. Consequently, they will review your proposal as soon as possible. Before you hop on to this OTA, there are a few things you should know:

    • Fee per transaction: GetLocal Africa offers an integrated payment gateway. It takes no setup or monthly cost to implement it. However, they take a 2% fee for every online transaction that uses the direct payment gateway. They offer an alternative to this, as it is possible for tour operators to add their own payment gateway.
    • Upcoming features: As of today, Getlocal is a very small online travel agency, which means that they still have lots of work to do. The great part is that they already have lots of exciting features on their roadmap. A few of them include post-purchase follow up emails, a feature for tour operators to sync and store the reviews of their experiences, and a cross-selling and up-selling feature for checkouts.
    • Standard commission: GetLocal charges a 20% commission for the tours and/or experience that you sell through their website. Payments get done after the customer has enjoyed their trip. Afterwards, the tour operator has to invoice Getlocal Africa. In this manner, they’ll proceed to pay the invoice to the supplier.

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