Why offer small group tours? The benefits for tour operators

Why offer small group tours? The benefits for tour operators

March 11, 2020
Why offer small group tours? The benefits for tour operators

Why offer small group tours? The benefits for tour operators

In the past few years, more and more people started to focus on small group tours instead of going on large adventures with millions of other tourists. The reason is simple, tours like these come in handy, they are comprehensive and provide you with some pretty impressive ideas.

The best part is that travelers can choose to customise and optimise everything as they go along. The results are always exciting for both parties, tour operators and travelers. In the end, it just makes a lot of sense to opt for small group tours whenever there’s an opportunity to offer it or join it.

Smaller is better

You will notice that small group tours offer more freedom. There are fewer people to worry about and the experience itself really pushes the boundaries all the time. But the best part is that there’s space for different customisation options and the features themselves work. For example, travelers can pick a certain group and go with them anywhere they want.

Touring with a smaller number of people makes it easier to find a destination. It makes complete sense, there’s no need to wait for dozens of people and in the end, it’s even more fun. That’s because you go with people that you can trust and who are super reliable and professional all the time, which is what you need at the end of the day.

Choosing to travel in smaller groups helps tourists contribute to stop the congestion or overuse on our finite planet.

Additionally, mass tourism is unsustainable and, despite having big enterprises that claim to be responsible or green, it’s still an active problem. Truth is, touristic places around the world have a limited supply of attractions or a finite number of scenic beauty or culture that is accessible.

Having some like-minded companions

It’s hard to have that nowadays, right?

It could be difficult to discover people that really trust your expertise (for tour operators) or which really want to go where you want (for travelers). That’s why small group tours are better because you have companions that share your ideas and get a more personal experience to really trust your experienced & knowledgeable staff.

This fast-growing trend makes traveling easier, more authentic and culture-richer.

It pushes the boundaries in ways other types of tours might not. Yes, it can be tricky at times to put together the perfect travel group. But, when following the right steps and marketing strategy, it will turn into a very rewarding tactic, and that alone is the clear benefit of it all in the first place.

The experience becomes more authentic

Travelers don’t have to worry about other people dragging them down, instead, people get the rare chance to stand in awe and wonder. All that is left to do is to have fun and, if we’re talking about a group of people that already know each other and are traveling together, well, unforgettable memories are pretty much guaranteed.

It could be challenging to always be on track with everyone and their ideas. But at the end of the day what really matters is that small group tours make it feel like a family trip and not a vacation with many other people!

That is why this type of groups are so exciting to be a part of, it doesn't just sound great, it is great. Participants always have a more interesting and rewarding experience without having to worry about logistic challenges or any issues that arise.

Better interaction with the tour guide

Picture this: You’re in a large group of people and, once you arrive at the destination, a question crosses your mind, but before you realise, everyone is throwing questions at the tour guide. You’ll probably have to wait around for your turn for a good while instead of enjoying a more intimate and comfortable experience.

Moreover, the guide will definitely have a hard time helping everyone. But if you are just a few people, things are way simpler and easier. Interacting with the guide is a lot more rewarding and fun.

Local tour operators get the perfect chance to showcase the benefits of getting tips that only local guides could give, like insider tips about the culture, local flavors, customs, and even the smallest things.

In the end, it’s just a resounding, unique experience that no conscious traveler would want to miss.

Less environmental impact

Not a lot of people know this but reducing the environmental impact is actually quite possible if you do it properly. You just have to commit to the situation and actively find a way to make it work.

The bottom line is that mass tourism is no joke, and could bring seriously negative consequences to the local environment, economy, and culture of tourist destinations.

Now, travel groups with a small number of people will, subsequently, leave a significantly smaller footprint than thousands of tourists after a cruise ports in a new destination, for example. This does make a big difference and it will easily deliver travelers an effective way to protect the environment while also enjoying their time with other people.

Safety and security

When it comes to large groups, you don’t know everyone and that alone can be a liability. You want to make sure that you always find a good and reliable system to keep you safe. And in this case, you are safer if you work with people that you know.

Exploring the beautiful world we live in should feel like a safe adventure. It’s no surprise that travelers and tour guides have to take certain rules of caution to avoid any scams or even pickpocketing. Now, the safety and security of small tour groups delivers the type of opportunities you don’t want to miss.

It’s easier to travel the way you want

What you will like about traveling this way is that it’s exciting, interesting and also very rewarding. The true focus has to be on a good experience and if you do it right you will have a really good time no matter the situation.

Of course, when you have smaller groups the control is there and it’s easier for everyone to agree to a certain travel style, therefore, making the best out of their vacation. Travelers can strike the perfect balance between planned activities and a very much needed time for themselves while also sticking to an itinerary.

Small group travel grants more space for a personalised experience because improvisation and an advent are more available. It ends up making more sense to opt for this option as it makes everyone have a more enjoyable experience.

What’s in it for tour operators?

But the benefits aren’t just for the traveling adventurers. Tour operators also benefit from small group tours as well. They get to sell more vacations and some groups will want very expensive vacations, so it definitely supports their ideas and their business as a whole.

On top of that, as we mentioned earlier, this really protects the environment and local communities which turns it into a highly conscious method to travel with amazing benefits that you wouldn’t have imagined in the first place. Is it possible for small group tours to be the future of vacations? Of course, as long as they are fully customised and created from people that know each other.

This alternative is better, more cohesive and interesting for everyone. And even if people don’t know each other at first, there’s the magic of a real travel experience. And, a low number of people will make it easier to create a group that shares interests and ideas.

At TashiTravel, we proudly support some of the best small group tour companies worldwide, is your business one? Become our partner!

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